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Exploitation de Carrières Savonnières


Savonnières Limestone quarries

The mythical Savonnières limestone is an Oolitic and shelly limestone, Upper Jurassic, Portlandian stratum.It offers a wide diversity of shades from grey beige (some people may say blond) to grey by passing rose. This stone is mostly utilized for its resistance to the frost and for its chiseling facilities. You can find it in new constructions as well as in renovation of historical monuments or in replacement of unexploited quarries.

Designation: Savonnières limestone
Origin: F-55170 Savonnières-en-Perthois (Frenche Meuse) 13 km à
eastery from Saint Dizier (F-52100)
Nature: Oolitic and shelly limestone, Upper Jurassic, Portlandian stratum
Aspect: Grey beige,round small tightly grains witht many vacuoles
Frost resistance: after 240 freezing an thawing cycles the reduction volume reaches less of 0.2% of the origine volume (Is considered according the French NF B-10-513 norme that the stone is deteriorated when the reduction of the apparent volume reaches 1% of the origine volume.
Density : 1700 à 1900 kg/m3 (NF EN 1936)
porosity: 25 à 35 % (NF EN 1936)
Attachments resistance(4 cm) type 1: 60 à 80 daN (NF EN13364)
Compression resistance: 15 à 25 MPa
Flexural strength (centered load): 4 à 8 MPa (NF EN 12372)
Capillarity C1: 8 à 12 (NF B 10-502)
CapillarityC2: 1

What clients say about us

I searched all over and looked at many different materials, to decide which one to use and your Savonnières limestone was by far the best for my project.